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MySalesGPS will increase your chance to win! This selling tool answers the question Whats my chance to win, and what can I do to improve it?

MySalesGPS will help you navigate through the problems encountered in todays competitive selling environment and help you determine your chance to win.

MySalesGPS will improve your win rate, shorten your sales cycle, and help you make more money. The tool will help you focus on business you can win, and reduce the time you spend pursuing accounts that you cannot win.

Use MySalesGPS to determine where your sales strategy for each account is strong, and where it needs work. The tool provides nine important questions or things to think about as you compete for your customers business. Use MySalesGPS to identify problem areas early in your sales strategy and then to generate action items that you can follow to increase your chance to win.

Use MySalesGPS

1. When you want to know your real chance to win.
2. To determine which accounts you can win and should pursue.
3. To identify where your sales strategy for a specific account is weak and you need help.
4. To determine your position on important buyers issues and what you must do next to improve.
5. To help create a good sales call plan with specific sales call objectives.
6. When you want to sort your accounts based on win probability or chance to win.

MySalesGPS provides three important benefits. First it provides an actual percent to close based upon qualitative analysis. Second, it identifies strengths in your sales strategy. Third, it identifies problems early in the sales cycle and then creates an effective action plan to help you improve your chance to win.

MySalesGPS will help you focus on the things you need to think about that impact your ability to win the business. They include:

1. The customers business problem and Need-to-Buy
2. Your solution fit (as perceived by the customer)
3. The customers decision-making process
4. Your Inside-Sales Person (ISP) or coach
5. Your access to executive-level decision makers
6. Your competitive awareness
7. Your influence on the customers buying criteria
8. The customers funding or budget commitment
9. The customers buying history

There are alternatives for each question. Simply select the alternative that best describes your position. MySalesGPS then delivers a list of action items that you should do to improve your chance to win. Many of the action items will become your sales call objectives.