Flappy Hero Go:jumpy wings bird Screenshots


Flappy bird?Better than flappy bird!
Most delicate flappy gamea small eyes bird.
Flappy your wings,it's a bird hero.

To be a flappy hero bird
>Wash your hands, tap,flappy.
>Pay attention to the pipes,and wings.
>hold on for 10 minutes.

How fast you finger to flappy the bird?

Customer Reviews

So close to the original flappy bird (5 stars)
I actually have the real flappy bird on my iPod. It turns out that I got flappy bird right before it was removed from the App Store!

This app is so close to the original exempt for just a few things like the sound and a few more.

Whoever wants to see what flappy bird was like, download this app.

Flappy Hero is the Best (5 stars)
When I got flappy bird, I was hooked on to it and I couldn't stop playing it… When I found out that it got removed from the App Store, I saw a LOT of knock offs of this app… Them I saw this one, "Flappy Hero", it was surprisingly more fun, I like so much more and I can't sot playing it… This diserves a 4 1/2 star rating!!

Not bad semi clone (4 stars)
The gameplay itself is a re-skin to the original flappy. The touch sensitivity is more receptive. The angle of the jump/flap is sharper which isn't necessarily an improvement. It almost seems like the jump is shorter and he falls sooner. Not bad altogether but what got me was pic in the App Store.