Oddleberry Screenshots


Capture your child's first words!

Toddlers love to tell you what they see, as they learn new words for things.

Oddleberry is full of hand-drawn illustrations that they can flip through and read out, just like a picture book.

But Oddleberry also records what your child says, keeping a log that you can listen to, over and over again, as they grow up. You'll be able to hear their language developing.

A picture book should be simple and child-friendly, so to enter the secret 'parent mode' you need to tap three times: tap, tap, tap! Recording will be paused and you can access your child's word history.

If you have a Soundcloud or YouTube account, you can link them up and share the recordings that your child makes with Oddleberry.

Oddleberry will even tag the recordings with each word as you hear it playing.


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