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The first preschool literacy app based on the newest Nick Jr. TV hit Wallykazam!

Now your child can join Wally Trollman, his pet dragon Norville, the mischievous Bobgoblin, Gina Giant, and Libby Light Sprite in magical and hilarious adventures! Theyll play games and learn about the power of letters and words by touching, tapping, flicking and tilting to interact with Wally and his friends.

Search for letters in Wallys forest, but watch out for that troublemaking Bobgoblin!
Help Libby Light Sprite trace letters in the night sky!
Build a gravity defying word tower out of rhyming words to reach Gina Giant!
Earn magic words that can transform Borgelorp. Make him big. Make him blue. Even make him burp!

This app will help kids develop phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, letter-sound associations and promote excitement about words and learning to read!

If you want magic, laughs and adventure, just say the word! Download Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic today.

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Customer Reviews

My son loves it! (2 stars)
My son fell in love with Wally so when I saw this app I had to buy it for him. There is just hardly anything to do on it. There is only 4 mini games for them to play which don't take long at all even for a 4 yr old. For the price I paid I would expect a lot more for them to do. The games are really cute and help them learn letters but, they need to add more to it without making us pay extra. So more games please!

Doesn't work on some devices (2 stars)
My 3 and 6 year olds like this app so far. But it doesn't seen to work on some devices. On an iPhone 4 it's ok but on the iPod touch we have it crashes before getting to actual gameplay. For what this app costs, nick should give some guidance on where it will work or better, make sure it will work on all devices. Hope they will address this in an upcoming update.

Fun and cute! (4 stars)
Great app! Both my 5 and 3 yr old enjoy this app. I could see them getting sick of it soon with somewhat limited gameplay for the price, but the traffics and content are still pretty great!

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