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Amazing 3 in a Row, a Great brain Stimulating and interesting Game!

To boost up the mind has never been so easy! Amazing 3 in a Row is a traditional and classic two-player game in which a player can compete or challenge another player or also play in a single mode.

Having three modes – Easy, Medium and Hard makes it simple for the player to set a game with his choice of level. The best part of the game is, its music and themes will never let you get bored of it. Make your brain ready for this simple and attractive 3 in a Row board game. It is easy to learn and you can spend hours playing this. It has attractive animated themes and entertaining music.

Supports OpenFient which makes more fun to play with leader boards, achievements, Instant Chats and challenges

Try to get 3 in a Row Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally.
Easy to learn and Play
Simple rules to play making it easy for even kids understand
Play against the computer or against another person in 2 player mode.
Amazing Themes with HD graphics and harmonious sound effects
Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod
Requires iOS 3.0 or later

This app is previously called as “KottuKali”, now changed the name to “Amazing 3 in a Row” to target Global audience.

Refresh your mind, relive the stress and improve your logical skills with this one-of-its-kind board game. So, what are you waiting for? Just experience it. We hope you enjoy Amazing 3 in a Row.

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