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Launch a daredevil group of fishy friends to the sky in Fish Out Of Water, an adventure across the sun, sand and surf!

This is a brand new mobile masterpiece from Halfbrick, creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride!

Fish Out Of Water is the story of six feisty fish longing to soar above the ocean. To help them get airborne, players simply throw their fish of choice right out of the water and watch as it flies through the clouds and skips merrily along the waves!

Battle the elements and choose your throw wisely as the weather changes every few minutes. Expect the unexpected with crazy tsunamis, icebergs and even an immense jellyfish swarm!

The Crab Crew will score your overall performance, and thats where the action really heats up. Compete in daily competitions with friends or a huge variety of individual challenges. As objectives are completed, players level up and unlock crystals that can be crafted to unleash awesome bonus powers!

Fish Out Of Water is an easy choice for instant fun a seaworthy search for the perfect 10!



This game may contain:

– The ability to purchase optional content using real money. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings menu of your device.
– Promotional material for Halfbrick products and trusted business partners.
– Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13.
– Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.
– The ability to see user-generated player names and social leagues. These features can be disabled from within the game.

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What's New in Version 1.2

Don’t get too comfortable. The weather now changes every few minutes!

Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your league’s daily leaderboard to earn a trophy!

Showcase your skills and compare trophies with others to see which player is truly the best!

Are you a big fish in a small pond? The top leagues of all time are now visible to everyone!

Customer Reviews

Halfbrick Continues to Amaze!!! (5 stars)
I just got home from a family vacation to Mexico. My girls miss it, especially swimming with Dolphins and snorkeling on the coral reef with tropical fish, sea turtles and stingrays.

We have Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride permanently embedded on all our devices. Even Angry Birds doesn't always manage to stay installed because there's just so many versions.

This game has successfully done what every other Halfbrick game does

Just a bug report… (5 stars)
Great game but I am writing this to let you know of an extremely minor problem I saw when playing. on level 37 when doing the Finley over the line quest, the score doesn't accurately show how many meters are achieved. what happens is the while above the line, the counter behaves as it should (counting down the total number of meters left that are needed to complete the quest) when below the line, the numbers stop going down (which is of cour

WAY TO MANY ADS (2 stars)
I just got this game yesterday and it's pretty addicting. I'm already on level 35. There has been no ads in it what-so-ever until about a half-hour ago, and let me tell you that if there had been so many ads yesterday when I started playing I would not have spent so much time on it.

After every few rounds a pop-up comes up and if you don't hit RIGHT on the x button it opens up a safari page within the game. Even if you click that li

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