Flappy Smash – The End of a Tiny Bird Screenshots


Is it THE END for Flappy Bird? Check out this parody of the all time #1 game!

How to Play:
1. Tap to close the pipes together and smash the flying birds
2. Get the highest score
3. Share with friends

Smash the flappy birds today!

What's New in Version 1.2

Fixed bugs

Customer Reviews

Omg you need the game (5 stars)
This game is very fun but i have some suggestions
1. Please remove the flipping adds because I have wanted to play but every time I get interrupted by a add and I click on it.

2. I really want more backgrounds and birds. Why? We'll because it would make it more like flappy bird but at the same time you get to kill flappy bird using a Mario pipe and fell like your playing flappy bird.

3. This really isn't a suggestion I

Ok game (3 stars)
This game is fairly good. What you need to do is make the pipes be able to smash faster otherwise the fast birds get through. Also instead of just getting a high score you should get coins then once you get coins you can buy a background that is different or different types of birds.
When I played this game for first time I was really annoyed because adds kept popping up after each round. Then I found out to just turn airplane mode

This is a good game, and with other peoples reviews, the adds don't pop up like that. When you tap the screen, your actually connecting the two Mario pipes. You kill the flappy birds, and if you squish more then one at a time, you get like 20-30pts. Just one squish is just 1pt. If you let a flappy bird past the pipes, you lose. I JUST found this game out, and my friend was playing this game, and showed me his score of 1400 and I thought that

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