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The Goat Rampage

The most ridiculous animal simulator available for the IOS. Use your Goat to smash as many objects as possible to gain the highest score. Make it crash everything around in the fastest possible way.

– stunning 3D graphics
– smooth and easy controls
– huge map to explore
– hidden secret features
– optimized performance

Good luck and have fun!


*How to drive a car?
– There's a drivable car in the second stage. Turn around after the level loads, go straight ahead until you see 2 warehouses. The car is in front of the left one. A button will pop up on the right of the screen when your goat gets close enough to the vehicle. Have fun!

What's New in Version 1.1.0

* Second level added.
* Interactive people, vehicles and animals added.
* Improved, redesigned controls – swipe to look around.
* Infinite mode available – Play on after the game is over.
* Even more secret stuff.

Customer Reviews

Fun and funny (5 stars)
This game is really crazy i mean your goat has super high jumping and if u even hardly even touch a elephant it will fly up in the air its funny but there are only 2 maps they need to add more and u know how it says u can drive cars u dont really u just jump on the car and run and your just sliding on it i mean unless there's a way to like acctaly get in the car and ride it but other than that its fun they just need to update it so if u got

GOATS, GOATS, GOATS!!!! (5 stars)
I'm just gonna say this right off the bat… GOATS ARE MY NEW FAVORITE ANIMAL!! This game is amazing then! Its sort of like 'Goat Simulator' but on the go! This game is fun, funny but there are some problems with the camera controls, and I wish there were more lands to explore, or, OR, just make one big world! That will be awesome! Also, I wish there was a city full of people, it would be funny ramming into everyone, lol. But overall, I'd gi

One more thing (5 stars)
Like i said im your one goat fan and can you add something people and me might like the tung for the goat so the goat can shoot out his tung at a car,boxes,animal,people and more if you add it i will be so happy and i might have a new map idea maby you can make a nabor hood like there's a lot of people and dog and cats just saying of you think its good k bye

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