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Swim in a river and build up your aquarium. It is fun and easy to make your aquarium look amazing! You get to choose what fish you want to be. Once you select one of the awesome tropical fish you will need to swim in a river and collect pearls. With each pearl you collect you get points and some pearls are worth more than others. The more points you get the more cool things you could unlock to build up your aquarium. You think you have what it takes to get every unlockable for your aquarium?

Why don't you find out today!

Customer Reviews

It's easy (3 stars)
It's easy and kind of fun, but I think the graphics can be way more better, and the gameplay can also be improved. But this is my opinion..

Fun Addictive (3 stars)
It's a fun addictive game. I like how the game works. It could be a little more zoomed in so I know where I'm going. And the graphics could be better. Also maybe information on what type of fish it is would be nice. Other then that's it's real fun as hard.
P.S. The crashing into walls sound gets annoying.

A lot of room and potential to become a great app (3 stars)
Well-thought original concept, but not so well executed. From the point where there's only two lines of description, the app developers already seen to be "lazy" and not putting enough effort into the app. Open the app, no clear tutorial or instruction of how to play the game is presented. Will come back and revise this once an update is made.

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