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Make all the dudes jump over the obstacles at the same time.

You can play with all your fingers to control up to 5 dudes (4 dudes on the iPhone 4), or just ask for some help to your friends!

How long can you last out?

Customer Reviews

Interesting game with few problems (4 stars)
Well since all these reviews are non informational I'll give a real review. The purpose of the game is quite simple to figure out, jump these black obstacles with each character having a different random set that they have to jump. I realized this before even downloading so the reviewers saying it is confusing must not have a brain. This game is challenging in the fact that you must keep track of multiple characters at once. Still after an h

Challenging but there's some problems (4 stars)
I love this game!!!! It's really challenging but there are a couple of problems that can be fixed. One of them is that once I first downloaded this game I was really confused on how to do it. I think they should do a how to thing so that when you first download it you can actually play it! so what you do is just start on normal mode and not try to do the hardest level. So you wait for the objects to come and whichever object comes first

Horrible Take On NBDT (2 stars)
As much as I love games like Nobody Dies Today, Nobody Dies, or other multiple stick runner games, I find this version to be the worst of them. How do you advance in Inferno/Hell/Nightmare if all the blocks/obstacles are in the exact same, if not slightly different locations compared to the other runners? It makes it impossible. They all should be spaced out differently if you want to advance. The time between dying and going to the retry/me

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