MEG RVO – Battle for the Territories Screenshots


MEG RVO Battle for the Territories is a rare online multiplayer. This action real-time strategy game is designed for players looking for an immersive and extended game play experience.
One team must control all the capture points on the map in play. Players join in team play to defend capture points against the opposing team, and to coordinate attacks against enemy held capture points. As players gain experience points through the campaigns, they can unlock increasingly complex maps and challenges.
Skunkwerks will release updates with new maps, weapons and enemies every 6-8 weeks to seed the game with increasing levels of adversity as well as new hazards and obstacles.
The Meg series is a new collaboration with noted science fiction author William Gibson and the team from Skunkwerks. This is our introduction to a series that will soon take the player to an open-world sandbox, with no well-defined beginning or end. Skunkwerks seeks to build a community of dedicated players who will enjoy spending time inside our world, interacting with the environment, with other players and the unknown.
Stay tuned to see whats next as we grow the Meg story. The probability aperture holds untold secrets.