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Youve never bowled like this before! PB and J are back in an all-new adventure.

Control PB as he rides a variety of special inner tubes, navigating icy curves, loops, blind spots, and nutty obstacles, as he attempts to knock over clusters of pins. Rolling a strike will test your reflexes and puzzle-solving skills!

PBs arctic playground may be a little wacky, but youll have his insane inventions to help you out! Melt, slice, and zap your way to a high score. Hover and boost PBs special tubes across over 70 unique levels that each require their own strategy to solve.

Bundle up and join PB and J!


– 10 Well-Dressed Tubes! From Cowboys to Lasers, each tube changes how you play.

-Over 70 levels of PURE FUN! Knock pins off the tops of walls. Take insane, high-banked turns. Launch yourself into the stratosphere. Just send those pins flying!

-Free Stuff! PB Industries will give you a free crate of goodies every day.

-Freedom! PB wants you to go tubin' everywhere so feel free to jump around the levels and play your way!

-Challenge! Get 3 stars on every level for fame and glory!

-Family friendly! Kids and parents can get into the polar bear fun. Besides who doesnt want to ride a Unicorn tube?!

This is the bigger, better arcade puzzler you've been waiting for. Thanks for making Polar Bowler into the highest-rated polar-bear-and-inner tube-based game in the world. Throw a strike today!

Customer Reviews

Awesome Bowling Adventure! (5 stars)
Tired of mundane, single lane bowling? You've got to drop a buck on Polar Bowler.

There's a ton of levels here all with unique pin layouts, shortcuts and obstacles. You earn money by completing levels and can use it to buy really cool power-ups to complete your quest.

This is so fun, it controls great and there's so much content here that this is an easy recommendation. Great job devs.


Love it. (5 stars)
What a great follow up to the classic 10 pin bowling in Polar Bowler 1st Frame (just like the classic PC game!) Most unique game I have seen in a long time for my iPhone. Love figuring out how to pass the levels using the special tubes. My kids ask to watch the bear in his funny costumes.

Wow! I love this game!! (5 stars)
I am having so much fun with it, lots to explore and the right mix of skill and strategy, and I love the ultra cute characters!

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