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#1 in the App Store Games category of more than 60 countries!

“It's an endless skater with simple controls, a real sense of progression, and a lot of personality.” – – 4/5 stars

“A highly enjoyable Endless Runner…it's certainly a heck of a lot of fun to play.” – – 4/5 stars


Skate across the rooftops of the world!

Join the awesome Skyline Skaters in their flight from the authorities. Perform hazardous jumps from building to building with only your skateboard to save you!

Choose between daring Skaters, each with their own unique abilities and tricks! Ollie off ramps as you avoid pitfalls and obstacles strewn about the rooftops!

The vigilant rooftop police are always on your tail in their chopper and will stop at nothing to nab you. Get as far as you can before they catch you!

Compete against your friends to get the best high score. Unlock and upgrade new boards to give you new advantages and ways to beat the high scores of the competition.

Get out of the subway and feel the joy of Skyline Skating!

Action packed adrenalin runner with easy tap controls!
Escape the Rooftop Police across the Skylines of the World!
Unlock new cool Skaters with their own unique tricks!
Compete against friends across platforms: iPhone, iPod and iPad!
Get special top tuned Boards and blast past the competition!

User reviews:
Cant stop playing, very addictive :)
A nice mix of Minion Rush and Jetpack Joyride – great fun!
Super fun. Great graphics, good control and fast gameplay!

Customer Reviews

Fun if u love crashes (5 stars)
Every time I open this app it has barley anymore loading my screen turns back and it crashed I have an I pod 4 and my sister has a five basic it doesn't crash on hers only mine and I think that because mine is older so I haven't played it yet please get some fixes to this game in a week or two so I can finally play I read other reviews and it seems fun and I wanna play badly so can u fix it please thanks(I'm giving this only 5 stars cuz it s

Okay so (4 stars)
Really awesome game! But the characters… For one, there are only four, and once you have the initial guy and the girl, the next two cost 350,000 coins or 450,000 coins. WHAT?! That's freaking ridiculous! Please add more characters, for one, and also characters that can actually be attained without needing to play three millions times first. And also, I have a fully updated iPhone 4 mind you, and almost always the characters start to go bla

1.1.0 Update Ideas (5 stars)
I REALLY enjoy this game. But for version 1.1.0 I have two new ideas, add a new character and add a new game mode that costs 500,000 coins, call it flying mode, your up in the sky and there is a bunch of coins and there is a flying machine after you and their is enemies in the sky and there is a special power up called 2 times the speed that doubles your speed, but it's only for flying mode! Thanks for listening to my ideas!

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