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Gym Junkie is your all inclusive membership to getting all of your results from your workout.

Suitable for both gym goers and personal trainers, this app has everything you need for the perfect workout.

For all you Gym Junkies out there:

Workout Card
Don't be the guy that carries their workout card around the gym with them! Transfer that piece of paper onto your phone and work out from there! Once you have set up your workout, it is easy to input data each time you are at the gym. It records all of your history so you can see how you have progressed over time.

For all you personal trainers out there:

Send and receive workouts and results from your clients and schedule PT sessions. The Gym Junkie mailbox allows all of this. Keep in touch with your fellow Gym Junkies by keeping track of their progress or set them up with new workouts.

Run Boot Camp and PT Sessions easy with the countdown timer. You set your default times and you are ready to go. The Quicktimer is perfect for timed exercises whilst also giving you full access to your music player at the same time. Or you can set up a playlist and leave it running while you assist in your sessions. The playlists have a finishing alert sound (set by you) to indicate the end of a round.

Other key features of the app:
Workout playlists and workout cards
Mailbox to send and receive compiled workouts, completed workout cards and iCal appointments for future gym sessions.
Fully editable exercise database preloaded with heaps of gym exercises categorised by muscle groups.
Social networking so you can round up your friends for a quick gym session.
Access to the music player and your iPod music playlists.
Quicktimer to count down gym exercises in a hurry.
Customise the display by selecting your workout timer colour scheme from various neon colours.

Download your copy of Gym Junkie today!

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