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Introducing the first app to combine drumming and meditation with I Ching for the ultimate focus, relaxation and well-being.

The app pairs the ancient tradition of drumming, which has been used in all indigenous cultures to improve relaxation, focus and healing, with the popular ancient Chinese Taoist oracle system of I-Ching to gain personal insights, reduce stress, enhance intuition and achieve harmony and balance.

Listening to these drum patterns for only ten minutes can synchronize brainwaves for:

Stress Relief
Mood Enhancement / Happiness Booster*
Meditation or Quick Time Out**
Self Improvement
Increased Focus and Productivity

The 64 drum patterns help you get in the zone of wellness, drawing from the eight elements of the I Ching, an ancient Taoist tradition known to be over 6,000 years old. Drumming stimulates both sides of the brain and has numerous mental, emotional and physical health benefits. Combining drumming with I Ching provides an empowering system that can be used for personal growth or mindful practice.

Spin the wheel, allow the app to choose a hexagram, and you have a daily guidance system. Or choose one of the 64 drum patterns to shift behavior and patterns. Set the drumming time for up to 60 minutes, and listen in meditation or while performing everyday tasks. Listen to the drumming to shift mood or thinking, to increase focus and productivity levels, to align with success or prosperity, or to get in the best mental shape possible in the least amount of time.


– 64 hexagrams (drum patterns) to choose from using the elements found in the I Ching
– 8 Elements used as focus of meditation tracks
– Nature sounds used in meditation tracks to easier align with the elements
– Wheel to spin for divination
– Timer which can be set for up to 60 minutes
– Drumming start/stop button
– App remains playing while using device for other non-audio purposes

*Not recommended for use while driving or operating machinery.
** Use headphones for best sound quality.

Premium app includes the following guided meditations with drumming and nature sounds:

Keeping Still
Taking Action
Gentle Persistence
Deep Water

What People Are Saying About Be Tao Now:

The voice and the percussion combined puts me in a space almost meditative like and the shift in my energy and causes me to get the message almost through osmosis. Aaron Parnell, Creator of Reposturing Dynamics.

I need this. Everybody needs this. Paula Kravitz, Marketing Executive.

The most creative I Ching app on the market. This app is a useful tool for beginning and seasoned users who want to consult the I Ching alone, hear its message set to music, meditate on core hexagrams, or gain new insights into the meaning of the hexagrams. Rev. Dr. Allen David Young, PhD, Author of Catching Gods Thoughts: Visioning with Elements of the I Ching, Co-leader of Illuminata Center for Spiritual Living, and Intuitive Counselor.

Drumming the I Ching is disciplined vibration with intent and consciousness. Archbishop Michael Whitney, The American Temple.

Grounding and meditative. A great way to start your day or re-center amongst all the chaos. Jasmine Mazlumyan, Counseling Psychology Graduate Student.