Double Bass Tuner Pro – Tune your double bass with precision and ease! – Strings Tuner Screenshots


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Tune your double bass with precision and ease, within seconds!

The only tuner optimized for 64 bit!
Instant load and fastest tuning!
iOS 7 Ready! – designed to fit with the new design paradigms!
Accuracy at its best! – it displays the frequency in Hz!
Highest responsiveness
Universal app – now compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad!

And last but not least:
Frequent updates!
Visual indicators – tuned string lights up
Optimized for Retina displays!
Intuitive user interface with LED tuning indicator.

What our users say:

“Does what it promises – Very useful app.”

“This app makes tuning so easy!”

“By far the greatest and most accurate contrabass tuning app. Play the string, read its chart and you know whether you're in tune.”

“Amazing! Outstanding, well spent money!

“All contrabassists should have this app!”

“It's very useful for me! Thank you!”

“Excellent app”

“Very convenient software. Suitable for any skill!”

Important notice for iOS 7 users:
iOS 7 added microphone access to your privacy settings.
Please make sure to allow microphone access to this app when prompted.
Check it under Settings>Privacy>Microphone. Thank you.

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