Het Verkeer Pro Screenshots


Het Verkeer Pro shows you the traffic queues and speed checks on the main highways in the Netherlands. You can add new speed checks and rate others.

– Super fast app giving you a complete overview in just a few seconds.
– Comprehensive lists with traffic jams, roadworks and speed checks: both mobile and trajectory checks.
– Traffic map with speed checks visible.
– Option to select your favorite roads to supply you with only the relevant information.
– Current weather maps + rain radar to keep you update on the weather on the Dutch roads
– Does not drain your battery! You decide if the app needs GPS or not.

Please note:
The interface and information in this app is completely shown in the Dutch language.

We do our utmost to deliver you the best software and data available in the App Store, but of course we cannot guarantee the proper functioning or accuracy of both. Data sources can change over time. You can not derive rights from this information. By downloading and using Het Verkeer Pro you accept these terms.

The location permission is necessary to enable het Verkeer Pro to show your position on the map, and to add and rate speed checks. It is not used nor stored for anything else at all.