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Mextures is the best app for applying film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. No app is faster. And with our revolutionary non-destructive workflow, you can can make changes at any time during your editing process, fine tune your edits with photo adjustments and then save and share your style for future use.

– 130+ Original Textures –
Tons of analog light leaks, gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge, and perfectly tuned gradients. A lot of our original textures are created from actual film scans using various cameras, and a multitude of other natural elements. Because this app was designed by photographers for photographers, each one of these textures is what we use in our workflow. No filler. No fluff.

– Now in 2.0: Polish –
Adjust your photos with precise finesse. With powerful tools such as exposure, contrast, tint, white balance, fade, black and white, highlights/shadows, sharpness, and saturation. Included are 26 presets that emulate popular film and processing techniques. It introduces a forgotten element in iPhone editing.

– Formula Manager –
Once you've created a custom edit you love, you can save it for future use with Formulas. Save as many formulas as you'd like and evolve a style that's uniquely yours. And new for 2.0, with our new formula manager you can share your formulas as well as import formulas shared by others. We're also excited to showcase 17 incredible iPhoneographers who have created over 130 custom formulas.

– Infinite Layers –
Stack a virtually unlimited number of layers for beautiful blending effects. You can change any edit you do at any time. Change the texture, blend mode, or rotation of a layer even if you added it 30 steps ago. Tweak each adjustment setting anytime during your editing process.

– Inspiration Feed –
Get inspiration right in the app with a curated feed of some of the best photographers using Mextures. Get connected instantly to their Instagram Feeds

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What's New in Version 2.0.0

2.0 Release!

New Formula Sharing!
– Manage and share your formulas, and import formulas from others with our new Formula Manager

New Polish
– Finish your edits with Polish which includes: 25 film presets, exposure, contrast, black and white, saturation, fade, white balance, tint, shadow/highlight, and sharpen

New Textures
– Updates to existing packs with 47 new hand-picked textures including a gorgeous new Light Leaks 3 texture pack

Updated Formulas
– New Guest Formulas: 17 total guest contributors for over 130 formulas.
– New Formula Packs: Black and White, Destroyed Film, Winter and Spring packs

Graphic overhaul of the app for a more refined and visually enjoyable UI

Faster processing of images

Tons of bug fixes

Thank you all so much for your continued support! If you enjoy this update, we would love if you left a review! As always you can reach us personally on Instagram @merekdavis or at @mextures. Keep tagging #mextures!

Customer Reviews

One of the most versatile apps ever (5 stars)
I've been using Mextures since they were just a downloadable layer pack, and even then they were revolutionizing the editing process for mobile photography. When the first version of the app came out, not only was it gorgeous but the UI was very intuitive and flexible, the amount if customization available was simply incredible. Now with 2.0, the bar has been raised AGAIN! The inclusion of so much new content to every element like gradients,

Amazing app (5 stars)
Mextures is a must have for anyone interested in photo editing. This new version of mextures has everything a single editing app can have. The abundance of textures, light leaks, and grit and grain assure the user that you will never run out of editing possibilities. The new polish feature is not only extremely practical but completely eliminates any need to edit further with other apps after a formula has been created. The cherry on top is

I love it! (5 stars)
I love this photo-editing app!!! I can add textures, I can make my photos look like film. I can add all kinds of color and light gradients. I can add light leaks. I can enhance the lighting in my photos. I can adjust the colors in any part of my photos. I also love that I can adjust what kind of layer each Mexture is: ie if it is overlay, soft light, hard light, etc. I can switch around the order in which the editing layers are applie