AcidRain: Let's Educate Screenshots


Whether you need to refresh your mind on some math formulas or kick off your shoes and brush up on some chemistry, AcidRain has your back.

About AcidRain:

First off, it is a text based application which means once you download the app you never have to have Wi-Fi to use it! Thats right, NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED (after download of course).

AcidRain also consumes next to nothing in terms of memory. Yes, that does mean you have more room for games, but that does not mean you can blame us if you get caught playing them in class.

If you need some chemistry help, AcidRain contains the most user-friendly periodic table on the App Store (not to mention the most beautiful). Those pesky polyatomic ions are all in there for you to review, as well as over 100 Common Compounds.

Mathematics, we arent lacking. AcidRain has the best-looking Unit Circle. It also has you covered from basic mathematics through indefinite integrals. Lets keep those derivates straight and calculations perfect.

In an English class? Hate APA and MLA? WE DO TOO. So we covered it for you to help make citing easier.

AcidRain also contains notes on various subjects from real college students and exams from real universities to help you get an A on your next test.

Students need more than an education, they need a future. Lets build one.