Texture Packs for Minecraft Pocket Edition Screenshots


Have you ever wanted to change the way Minecraft looks? Block by Block? Well now you can with Texture Packs for Minecraft. With this app you can browse tons of texture packs and decide which ones you want to install onto your device.

-Tons of texture packs
-Tons of texture pack videos
-Add to favorites
-How to install instructions
-Block Ids
-Much More

So what are you waiting for? Download this app today and change the way Minecraft looks!**

**Please note that with this app you can't change the way Minecraft looks from this app. You have to download the texture pack from a third party and install it to your device outside of this app. This app just serves as a guide**

Customer Reviews

Ok first of all this app does NOT allow to get Texture Packs (Resource Packs) for Minecraft Pocket Edition instead it gives you a 10-20 word guide on how to get Texture Packs FOR PC EDITION. This app also gives you a block ID For Minecraft Along with a useless quiz. NOTHING Absolutely NOTHING DOES ANYTHING TO HELP OR INSTALL Texture Packs to Minecraft Pocket Edition, It lets you look at horrible uncropped, Unprofessional Pictures of PC Editi

Awful (1 star)
This app has nothing to do with Minecraft PE. For starters when you pick a texture pack there's a button. I though it would upload the texture pack to Minecraft. So I opened up Minecraft real quick and the button said "save image" and "email image". And there's a + button at the top right hand corner and it turned green so I though it went to Minecraft PE, but their was nothing. And I hit the button again and it turned re

Omg!!! (5 stars)
Amazing app, wish I could give it more stars. Reason why I did this? To tell you guys that this app is a must-have for you minecrafters out there that like to switch up the game. Gives you a lot of options to do with the app. I think it is pretty cool. And for you. Devs, keep up the good work (:

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