AppZilla 4 : 200 In 1! – Newly Added Apps: Jigsaw Puzzle, DJ Booth, Earthquakes, Camera (Filter, Frame & Mosaic), QR Code Generator & Games! Screenshots


The 4th generation of AppZilla has arrived – with more apps than ever – 200!

Appzilla is THE Swiss Army knife of apps and has been updated for iOS 7. Appzilla 4 now includes iPhone 5/5S screen support and adds over 60 NEW additions to the ever-growing app collection.

Appzilla contains hundreds of apps to make your iPhone more useful and more fun! With millions of users worldwide and a top 10 chart ranking since its launch Appzilla is the go-to app for almost anyone with an iPhone.

AppZilla is packed with utilities, including dictionary, alarm clock, emoji, weather, a QR Code Generator and more! It has amazing photo and video apps, including blur, frame glow and filter effects. Appzilla also has Music & Audio apps, Entertainment apps, and dozens of Games, Health & Fitness apps, Conversion Tools, Finance apps, and Productivity apps to make your phone more useful.

Here is what people are saying about AppZilla 4:

No one could claim that AppZilla isnt value for money. If you use two or more of the apps, then its already worth buying.” – AppAdvice

Check out the app list below and discover what makes AppZilla 4 the best AppZilla we've ever made!

—— Feature Highlights ——

– Optimized for iPhone 5/iPod 5 Screen
– App Category Views
– Auto-Launch App System
– Dot-Lock Protection for apps
– Mark apps as favorites for quick access
– Hide/Unhide/Reorder apps
– English and Metric Units
– App Search

—— AppZilla Apps ——

(NEW!) Blur Camera
(NEW!) Bracket Master
(NEW!) Breakker
(NEW!) Calling Codes
(NEW!) Checkers
(NEW!) Cheer Horn
(NEW!) Code Buster
(NEW!) DJ Booth
(NEW!) Earthquakes
(NEW!) Emoji Banner
(NEW!) Filter Camera
(NEW!) FingerFlo
(NEW!) Fireplace
(NEW!) Fish Flip
(NEW!) Flash Cards
(NEW!) Flip Book
(NEW!) Food Alerts
(NEW!) Frame Camera
(NEW!) Slam Van
(NEW!) Gift List
(NEW!) Glow Camera
(NEW!) Grocery List
(NEW!) Guitar Tuner
(NEW!) Hearts
(NEW!) Enforcer
(NEW!) Jigsaw Puzzle
(NEW!) Kings Corner
(NEW!) Leet Speak
(NEW!) Margin Calculator
(NEW!) Medicine Alerts
(NEW!) Minefield
(NEW!) Monster Booth
(NEW!) Mood Tracker
(NEW!) Num Convert
(NEW!) Nut Guide
(NEW!) Mosaic Camera
(NEW!) Packing List
(NEW!) Photo Jot
(NEW!) Product Alerts
(NEW!) Protein Calculator
(NEW!) Pure Tones
(NEW!) QR Generator
(NEW!) SAT Vocabulary
(NEW!) Savings Calculator
(NEW!) Scanner
(NEW!) Shorten URL
(NEW!) Sketch Camera
(NEW!) Slide Puzzle
(NEW!) Speedometer
(NEW!) Speak It
(NEW!) Squeak Toy
(NEW!) Star Chains
(NEW!) Static Camera
(NEW!) Sudoku
(NEW!) Sunrise
(NEW!) Vehicle Alerts
(NEW!) Thimblerig
(NEW!) Timer Tiles
(NEW!) Tire Alerts
(NEW!) Train Lanes
(NEW!) Weather Radio
(NEW!) Yield Calculator

Age Calculator
Alarm Clock
Angle Finder
Area Code
Auto Camera
Battery Life
Big Button
Toon Camera
BMI Calculator
BMR Calculator
Book Lamp
Bubble Level
Censor Camera
Coin Flip
Color Detect
Color Pick
Color Strobe
Contact Clean
Contact Share
Cook Timer
Crystal Ball
Currency Converter
Date Calculator
Days Until
Dice 12
Dice 6
Distort Camera
Dog Clicker
Drum Set
Face Warp
FDA Alerts
Game Buzzer
Geo Minder
Glow Paint
Group Email
Heart Rate
Interval Timer
Language Translator
LED Banner
Loan Calculator
Loud Mouth
Match It
Max Rep Calculator
Media Vault
Moon Phases
Morse Code
Motion Alert
Movie Timer
Night Camera
On This Day
Path Tracker
Photo Cloak
Photo Filters
Pitch Pipe
Plumb Bob
Police Scanner
Price Calculator
Punch Clock
Random Fact
Random Num
Reverse Dictionary
Reaction Time
Salary Calculator
Sale Price
Secret Camera
Secret Microphone
Sleep Sounds
Sound Box
Space Cows
Speed Test
Spin Pick
Sports Radio
Stink Bomb
Surface Level
System Info
Text Cloak
Tip Calculator
Unit Converter
and more!

What's New in Version 1.3

-New flags for Battery Life
-New Expansion for Battery Life
-Fixes for Checkers hang
-Fixes for Enforcer crash
-Fixes for Speedometer conversion
-Fixes for Currency Calc
-Fixes for Media Vault notes
-Fixes for Solitaire
-Fixes for Password slider
-Fixes for Slam Van cop car
-Fixes for Date Picker dark wheel
-Fixes for QR Scanner vCard
-Fixes for local leaderboards
-Fixes for other misc issues
-Performance enhancements

Customer Reviews

Most useful app ever made (5 stars)
This app has the tool for every question and problem you could ever run into this app is incredible and for .99 this app is a steal. If you tried to find and buy all the apps that appzilla includes you would have spend way more than .99 and it would take you a lifetime to find it all. GET THIS APP!!!

How can you even make an app this good? (5 stars)
This app is amazing, key word, amazing. Two bucks, two hundred apps, there isn't much that is better value. I have made a final conclusion. The two developers if this app are aliens, that's the only reason an app can be this good.

5 stars + (5 stars)
This is such a great App! I have loved it since the first one was released. I mention it to every one off my friends that have smart phones. I wish the best for the 2 developers in the future and will continue to be a repeat customer! Thanks for the software!

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