Total It Screenshots


Total It has a beautiful and simple interface that is powerful and easy to use.

See both the answer and the equation at the same time.

Choose the theme / skin you like, with more coming. Themes include notebook paper, brushed metal, chalkboard, road signs, wood and legal paper.

Use the history page to reuse answers and equations.

Works on the iPhone and the iPad.

Customer Reviews

YES! (5 stars)
Great look and I like seeing the equation and the answer at the same time. I like being able to switch themes and use equations and answers from the history pane.

Great app (5 stars)
Simple, easy to use, and a much better four-function calculator than the iPhone default. Great for calculating tax, tip, and other daily functions.

A lot better than the built in app (5 stars)
I bought this to replace the built in calculator app, and I've found it to be a lot better. It's graphically more interesting to look at, and it helps a lot that you can see the equation and the answer at the same time, and the history helps more than you'd think. Overall more functionality without being over the top.

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